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I don't need anything for Mother's Day but another jar of that Essence of Rose Face Cream from Arghand.  I LOVE THE STUFF!!!
                    -- Angela Conover; Reading, MA.


I just received my Arghand products.  How exciting to open the box and find such delightful delicacies all the way from Afghanistan.  I am very touched by the purity of the products and the wonderful "cause."  Will order again soon.  I also appreciate how quickly the order arrived.  It is a pleasure to purchase such precious items.
                        -- Debbie Green, Panama City, Fla

Thank you for these extraordinary products, and the vision with which they have been created.
                       -- Polly Lazaron, Keswick, VA

I have truly fallen in love with the Essence of Rose face cream.  The stuff is amazing.  Smells incredible.  I just googled the properties of the oils and its huge.  Anti-radicals.  Great for the skin and menopause!
                           -- Kathleen Kucka, New York, NY

I bought the antioxidant face cream to "do good" and ITS doing good for me!  Despite using a very expensive facial cleanser and moisturizer, my face was developing blotchy red patches, so I decided to try this as an alternative. It's pricey at $36 for a very small jar, but tiny dabs all over my face are all that I need.  After just 2 nights, the red blotchesare all but gone.  Despite my age (60+) I don't have a wrinkle problem, but my face feels softer and I'm thrilled with the improved appearance.  It's a joy to know that I'm supporting people trying to make a livelihood for themselves under incredibly difficult conditions, using some of the most natural and marvelous ingredients, without added chemicals, available anywhere, and getting a great benefit for my skin.  Such a win-win!
                             -- Sandy, September 29, 2010

The Pomegranate Salve is AWESOME!!  Just a minute amount on the tip of my finger each day has HEALED my cracked elbow.  It is truly miraculous.
                             -- Bill King; Rockledge, FLA

I purchased these soaps as Christmas gifts in 2009.  I kept some for myself and I must say that these soaps are the finest I have ever used.   I have purchased handmade soaps from many different sources but none can compare to the quality of these.  Thank you for what you do.
                                 -- Marlene Boyle; Pittsburgh, PA

You must be used to compliments by now, but that lip balm!  Blimy, it's in a league of its own.  I love how just a smidgen is enough to put you in Unguent heaven!
                           -- Kate Clark; Kabul, Afghanistan

I have to tell you how much I absolutely LOVE the face cream and the body lotion!!!!  I am not  normally an excessive user of exclamation points, but they [the Arghand products] really do feel and smell amazing.
                             -- Alix Aguilera; Newton, MA  

I love this [Desert Fields Soap Stone] so much!! I want to go all natural and this is the best product to get to do so.  It's such a great cleanser and I can use it for bace and body and sometimes hair when I don't want to strip it from its oils but still want it clean.  Just perfect :)

                                   -- Melissa, 5-star reviewer from American Apparel'online store


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